Review of Didier Farms’ Pumpkin Fest

One of the closest pumpkin farms to the Chicago North Shore is the Didier Farms’ Pumpkin Fest and it is worth the short 30 minute drive. An entertaining mix between a fair and pumpkin patch, this place has lots of attractions for young kids.

If you’re looking for a fall farm with apple picking, hayrides, and a giant corn maze, keep in mind that this fest is more like a carnival or county fair. And I didn’t see any alcohol for sale; I would’ve appreciated a glass of hard cider.

Our almost four year old had the time of his life and didn’t want to leave. Although he was a little terrified after going through the Fun House, everything else (other than riding the camels) he wanted to do multiple times.

There are opportunities to ride ponies or camels, pet farm animals, play fair games, and much more! I was impressed by all the activities packed onto the farm; there was not as much acreage as I’ve seen on most other fall farms.

We ate lunch and and the food options are standard fair food, such as chicken fingers and hot dogs. I wanted to try the funnel cake and fried Oreos, but I don’t recommend them because they were cold and not fresh.

Also I chose to baby wear our newborn, but lots of other families were using strollers. In fact, I should’ve used our stroller to take a break from carrying the baby to enjoy lunch.

If you’ve got young kids and don’t want to drive a full hour or more to a fall farm, I recommend spending an afternoon here.

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