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Noon Year’s Eve Party at Home

What is everyone’s plan to celebrate New Year’s Eve tomorrow? With a toddler, we started a new tradition last year: a countdown and celebration at noon. And in the evening, if my husband and I can even stay awake until midnight, we might watch the ball drop on T.V. and cheers with a glass of wine.


If you, like me, are the parent of a very active toddler. I recommend getting outside in the morning and going for a winter scavenger hunt if it’s not too cold. I really like this free scavenger hunt template. You could add Christmas lights and other festive decorations to your list.


We’re planning to put together a balloon drop and do a fun countdown at noon. I’ll pass out sparkling apple juice and I’m sure we’ll have a family dance party. I’ve never designed a balloon drop so wish me luck. But here’s a balloon drop tutorial that I found and I’m hoping I’ll be able to re-create it. Another fun activity would be to dress up in any fun New Year’s hats or other costumes you may have at home and parade around the house.


I’ve seen that there are many events to participate in from the comfort of your own home tomorrow. Both of these ideas I found from Chicago Parent and sound like a lot of fun. Dancing with the Rockettes at 11 a.m. is my favorite idea – I just followed them on Instagram so that I’ll be ready as soon as they go live. Any sort of virtual song and story class should be fun and celebratory.


A lot of restaurants are offering New Year’s Eve specials to pick up and take home so of course that’s always an option.

I recommend picking something easy and fun to make and eat with the entire family. For example, you could put together an afternoon tea theme with finger sandwiches. Fondue or raclette are also fun, easy, and popular this time of year.

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