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Christmas-Themed Activities At Home

Our family is going to have a very relaxed Christmas weekend at home, just the three of us. And in the Chicago area, it’s going to be quit chilly. To stay warm, I’m brainstorming things for us to do at home.

Today, while wrapping gifts, I’m reflecting on some fun activities we’ve done this month in the spirit of the holidays. Hopefully one of these activities will inspire you and your family if, and only if, you have the energy and time to do something new. Please keep in mind that while we managed to try a few arts and crafts this month, my son has also watched a lot of T.V. and eaten plenty of snack foods this year.


My two and a half year old son really enjoyed making his first gingerbread house. He was so proud of himself for decorating with frosting and placing candy on the roof all on his own. For total transparency: my husband purchased a gingerbread kit from “Bed, Bath, and Beyond” and it was extremely easy to build. We certainly didn’t make a gingerbread house from scratch. And we haven’t done anything fancy nor over-the-top this year because just getting through 2020 is an accomplishment.


Make things really easy and buy pre-made sugar cookies, frosting, and sprinkles. Or buy sugar cookie dough and make your own frosting from scratch if you’re feeling really ambitious. I say do whatever is easiest and makes you happy for the rest of 2020. And even through the first half of 2021.


My son and I painted clear plastic ornaments with acrylic paint recently. I purchased the ornaments from Michael’s along with a new set of acrylic paints. We brushed a thin layer of paint both on the inside and outside of the ornaments. I let the ornaments sit up-side-down for a few hours. Then, since we didn’t buy a Christmas tree this year, we decided to hang the ornaments on trees outside of our house. We both had a great time and my son was so proud of himself.

What fun activities did you do with your family this month?

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