Shop Small Businesses Saturday & Sunday

From Black Friday to Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday, there’s lots of great online shopping options and incredible deals available. I’ve been on the hunt for items I want for my toddler son. What have you discovered and decided to purchase this weekend? Leave a comment.

Most importantly on Small Business Saturday, I want to support my friends who have started their own businesses. I am so proud of my friends who’ve created their own companies, but this blog would go on forever if I mention them all. Instead, I’d like to mention a particular friend of mine who recently designed a marvelous personalized learn-to-read book, MyLibook.

Pictured here is my son having a great time coloring the free printables available on the MyLibook website. But the actual product, the book, is much more clever than that.

The founder of MyLibook had trouble learning to read as a child until she was finally diagnosed with dyslexia. And when she had daughters of her own who were struggling to learn how to read, she came up with a brilliant idea: personalized learn-to-read series. The child learning to read becomes the main character of the story. The books use small sets of single-syllable, short vowel words and early reader sight words to teach children how to read independently. The series is really well designed and perfect for any little kids learning how to read.

If you’d like to get 10% off your order plus FREE shipping, please enter the coupon code CLACOLOMBE at checkout. To start shopping, click here.

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