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Happy Halloween (toddler activities to do at home today)

Happy Halloween everyone! This year is a pretty strange year to celebrate any holiday. All of my friends with kids are discussing different ideas for what to do with their kids at home today. I’ve heard some great ideas so here are my top two that I’m going to try with my almost three year old today.

And if either of these ideas sound interesting to you, it’s not too late to run out to your local grocery and party supply stores to grab a few things and do this at home with your kids. I was still able to find plastic critters at my local party store on Thursday night.

Colored Spaghetti with Critters

First you’ll need to cook and dye the spaghetti. Simply cook the spaghetti according to the instructions on the packet, drain, rinse in cold water, separate the cooked (and cooled) spaghetti and place into a couple of large plastic baggies. Add a small drop of olive oil and food coloring of your choice. You can always add more food coloring drops as needed.

I chose a combination of orange, dark blue, dark green, and black spaghetti. I got dark green by adding a few drops of blue and I got dark blue by adding a few drops of green. To get black, I simply used equal parts blue, green, and red. And to get orange, I mixed yellow with some red.

Hide the critters in the colored spaghetti and let your kid(s) try and find them all! Be ready if they use their hands, they might need wipes. Or grab some pinchers for an added challenge and to keep their hands clean.

Paper Bags Filled with Glow Sticks & Candy

I can’t take credit for this idea – I heard it from another Mom and I’m running with it. I purchased a variety of paper bags and glow sticks. Tonight at dusk, I’m going to scatter the paper bags (filled with glow sticks and candy) around the backyard. Then I’ll tell my son to search for all the bags and as he finds each one he has to yell “Trick or Treat”. Of course I plan to eat some of my son’s candy when he’s done searching.

We already decorated our front lawn with the Halloween decorations we’ve kept for years because I couldn’t deprive our new neighbors of enjoying our silly decorations. Since our house is so festive, I decided that we’ll simply leave a large cauldron of candy by our front door in case anyone comes to “Trick or Treat”. I plan to re-fill the cauldron throughout the night.

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