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The Sensory Table = Endless Toddler Entertainment

Anyone else feeling exhausted these days and ready for this pandemic to disappear? If so, you’re in good company.

Until then, I’m on the hunt for any activity that keeps my toddler entertained for long periods of time. But anything that keeps him busy and away from a screen as much as possible is a win in my book. At the beginning of quarantine, I purchased a cheap and small sensory table, thinking it may get lots of use. And luckily I was right.

I try to avoid plastic toys, but I really wanted a sensory table that’s light weight and small so I could move it around easily. Since I wasn’t sure how long quarantine would last, I didn’t want to spend too much money. Instead I wish I’d purchased a table like this one that could have many purposes and last a long time.

But now that we have a sensory table, the options are endless. That’s the beauty of these activity tables – your child can do everything, from playing with beans to making volcanoes. Here are all the things we’ve tried with our very small, sensory table:

  • Built a volcano out of Play-Doh and made it “explode” with baking soda and vinegar
  • Painted dried pasta
  • Pretended dried beans and corn kernels were sand and used small buckets to scoop and pour
  • Did the same thing with water instead of dried beans
  • And we tried to make slime (my biggest mistake was making my own saline solution rather than purchasing contact solution)

There are still so many more sensory activities for us to try, but my son continues to enjoy the same activities again and again. For a lot of other great ideas, I recommend checking out the Busy Toddler’s website by clicking here.

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