A Winter Arts & Crafts Project: Jewelry Making

Are you looking for something to do indoors during this cold winter? Did you make a resolution this year to do something crafty? What about making your own jewelry?

Years ago I created my own earrings and necklace when I took a jewelry-making class at Beadazzled in Washington, D.C. I still love the set and wear the earrings when my son isn’t around (he loves to yank on jewelry I’m wearing).

When I first arrived at Beadazzaled, I was impressed by all the beautiful colors. After being instructed to select beads prior to the class, I took plenty of time to look around. I finally chose a group of beads in the same color scheme. I was ready for the class.

First we learned about the importance of the tools you’ll need. For the class we were provided with a complete set. However, if you were to make your own jewelry at home, a basic set isn’t terribly expensive (about $30). Once you have the proper tools, you’re ready to begin beading your necklace, starting with the center.

Jewelry making is a lot of fun, but I strongly recommend taking a class so you can learn more about the tools and techniques you’ll need. Once you have a few techniques mastered, you’ll be ready to make jewelry at home!

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