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48 Hours in New York City for the Holidays with a Baby

This time last year we took our one year old to New York City for a quick trip to see friends and enjoy the festivities. We had a blast!

We stayed at a hotel we’d visited before having a kid, but the room was too small for a family of three + a crib. With kids, you’d have more space and convenience by staying in a suite at a hotel or renting an AirBnB in one of the boroughs. Unfortunately the hotel where we stayed in Park Slope (Brooklyn) doesn’t have any suites so I won’t be recommending it this time.

In my personal experience, taking a toddler (around 18 months old) to a restaurant is extremely challenging. All they want to do is run around everywhere. Our best chance for an enjoyable dining experience were in restaurants with plenty of space for high chairs with loud music playing so no one minded a crying baby. For example, we really liked Pig Beach in Brooklyn and Bills Bar & Burger near Rockefeller Center.

Since taking our son out to east wasn’t easy, our favorite activity with him was visiting the Brooklyn Children’s Museum. He got to run around and make lots of noise; no one minded. There are a lot of fun and interactive exhibits including World Brooklyn, which is made up of kid-sized shops.

The only other activity we had time for was the Rockefeller Plaza and checking out the nearby holiday window displays. Since my son was small enough, I used our baby carrier to take him around. Now he’s much too heavy for the carrier so we’d probably use our very compact, light weight travel stroller.

If you’re taking public transportation and want to walk around the Rockefeller Plaza, be prepared to dodge a lot of people and climb up and down a lot of stairs. It’s not as crazy as Time Square, but it was not easy with a small child. I will say that it was worth the challenge because it’s the most wonderful time of the year in New York City. And we really enjoyed looking at all the festive displays.

Happy Holidays and if you live near New York City, I hope you have some time to enjoy all the gorgeous displays!

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