Easy Manicure At Home

Here’s my review of a D.I.Y. manicure (and pedicure) product by Color Street.

A friend of mine first told me about Color Street nail polish strips (made 100% out of nail polish) about a year ago. I purchased a few sets because I was curious. I finally tried the nail strips and I was really pleased with the result.

The strips range in price from about $11 – $14 per set and can apparently be used for both a manicure and a pedicure. The manicure should last about two weeks, but I recommend using a top coat if you really want to make it last the full two weeks.

I finally decided to bring a set with me to my cousin’s wedding and I was able to give myself a decent manicure in the hotel bathroom while my son was napping. Previously, I struggled with doing my own manicure, but I was able to apply the nail strips without any help. And I even got compliments on my manicure! Because I was in rush (and traveling), I only tried the strips on my finger nails and tossed the rest of the kit. But I think Color Street would work well and look good as a pedicure.

At the time I purchased the kits, I wanted more size options. And I was recently informed that after I purchased the strips, Color Street launched a petite line (skinner and shorter options), sizing guide, and a pedicure line! But you can always file the width and tips to fit your nail as best as possible.

The company reminds me a lot of Avon and Mary Kay – you have to purchase the product from an independent saleswomen or stylist. But it’s still easy to buy online and try at home. You can purchase a set from my friend by contacting her here:

Enjoy a glass of wine and a new manicure!

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