D.I.Y. Fabric Photo Backdrop

It’s summertime, which also means wedding season. And plenty of photo booths and DIY projects. I’ve put together some instructions for creating your own photo booth backdrop that incorporates your wedding colors. This is a time-intensive project so enlist the help of your family members or wedding party.


  • 3 yards each of 5 or more fabrics (if you want a shabby chic look, you’ll need some lace and burlap)
  • Heavy duty twine
  • Fabric scissors
  • Hooks or duck tape to hang up the backdrop


Purchase all of the supplies for a reasonable price from a store like Joann’s Fabrics.

Cut or tear (whichever is easiest) the fabric into strips that are 3 inches wide by 3 yards long.

Tie one end of the fabric pieces (in the order that you prefer) along the twine. Leave plenty of room (about a foot) at each end of the twine.

Once you have tied all of the pieces of fabric to the twine, spread them out so that your photo backdrop measures about 8 feet by 8 feet. This will allow for large group photos.

Use nails, command hooks, and / or duck tape to hang up the backdrop. Make sure your venue approves.

Happy crafting!

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