A Weekend in Monaco

I recommend visiting Monaco if you like to gamble, shop at designer stores, watch the Grand Prix, and/or you are a car aficionado. (Although I’m not really a big fan of any of these things, I still had a nice weekend). Monaco is about a 30 minute drive from Nice, France. You can also travel to Monaco from the Nice airport via train or bus if you don’t want to rent a car.

My favorite activity in Monaco was touring the Prince’s Palace. This lavish residence is home to Prince Albert II and anyone may tour his home. The tour only costs eight Euros per adult. I was unable to take pictures inside, but the decor and history are really incredible. Just make sure to check your travel plans with tour dates and times; learn more here. Have your camera ready for the walk up the the palace, the view of the city is gorgeous from here.

At night, head over to Casino Square and the Monte Carlo Casinoto either gamble or just admire the opulence. To enter the casino, you must be well-dressed (the more glamorous the better) and pay an entrance fee of 10 Euros.

During the day, make sure to walk around and enjoy the views. There’s so much to see in this sovereign city-state. I also like this list of things to see and do in Monaco, especially the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco.

Where to Stay

I’d like to recommend staying at the comfortable Fairmont Monte Carlo. Situated just next to the Mediterranean Sea, being inside the hotel feels like being inside a luxurious yacht. The nautical theme is cleverly displayed throughout the hotel.

I was initially hoping for a sea view, but I was so excited to walk out to our balcony and see a view of the Hairpin bend, the most challenging corner in the Monaco Grand Prix. No matter where you’re staying in the hotel, you’ll have a great view!

My favorite features of the hotel were the rooftop pool and restaurant. Both have a great view of the Mediterranean and you can order delicious food in either location. The rooftop pool is perfect for anyone looking for some night life on their vacation. During the summer, there’s a daily poolside DJ.

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