Hosting Brunch

I love entertaining and I usually go all out when I host friends and family. But now that I’m a Mom, I look for ways to simplify. It’s much harder to setup for a party when there’s a toddler running around.

We recently had about ten adults and five babies over to our house for brunch. The only food I prepared in advance was a frittata. (Stay tuned for the frittata recipe, I’ll share it in another blog post).

Easy Breakfast Staples:

  1. Fruit Salad – I purchased pre-chopped fruits because slicing is time consuming and I added a little lemon juice to keep it fresh. A little bit of a mint adds a nice flavor too.
  2. Breakfast Breads (for example: bagels, muffins, toast, croissants, and scones) – Serve breads with all the toppings, such as butter, cream cheese, and fruit jams.
  3. Yogurt & Granola – Avoid pre-mixing so the granola doesn’t get soggy. Simply leave individual yogurt containers with a bowl of granola on the buffet.
  4. Charcuterie & Cheese Board – Add a European flare to your brunch with charcuterie and cheese. This was the most popular dish at our brunch.
  5. Whole Fruits – I’ve never seen anyone eat a whole fruit at a party (except for mandarin oranges), but I like to use them for decoration.
  6. Serve donuts for dessert!


  1. In advance of the party, my husband and I made PIMM’s Cup. I wish we made more than just one pitcher because it’s really refreshing and popular.
  2. We asked guests to bring supplies for mimosas. One Mom brought Prosecco, orange juice, and homemade scones. She will be invited to all of our parties.

Did reading this blog post just make you hungry? Who wants to come over for brunch this weekend?

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