Dual Family & Play Room

The coziest room in our house is turning into a play room. And I’m happy about it, I really love this room! My favorite additions have been the Nugget Couch and a Fatboy lamp. (I really wish I were being paid to say how much I love these products, but this is not an ad).

I was thinking about purchasing a baby gym for my active toddler when another parent recommended buying the Nugget instead. As soon as I showed this configurable play couch to my son, he immediately jumped on it and made himself comfortable. I love how it looks in our house and he loves climbing and sliding on the couch.

The Fatboy lamp I discovered during a trip to Europe because the company started in Finland. It’s the perfect lamp for kids: it’s battery powered and made out of plastic. I searched online for something similar and I couldn’t find anything better. Fatboy products are available in the States and you can check out their website here. What does your family and/or play room look like?


  1. Cute! Have you thought about ottoman style cubes that double as storage so you can easily store his toys as well? I have a small ikea coffee table that has storage — but not hidden — that I love and use to store blankets and throws but I also have a big ottoman that matches my couch and that I use to store guest blankets and pillows for the sleeper sofa… I need a bigger coffee table though but I love how functional mine is right now 😦


    1. Yes, you read my mind! I’ve been thinking of the replacing the ottoman with some poufs. And storage is always good, especially for toys (as you mentioned). Just need to find the right set and colors.


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