Make Your Own Ukulele

My husband is very patient with me and my love of crafts. When he spotted this DIY Ukulele gift from Papersource, he didn’t hesitate to buy it for me. At first I was very overwhelmed (and annoyed) because I had no idea when I’d find time to decorate and assemble a ukulele. And I don’t know how to play a string instrument.

But I stopped by Michaels one day, asked for advice, and picked up the missing supplies. I took advantage of my son’s nap time to complete the entire project in less than a week. It wasn’t easy and the instructions in the kit were not very clear. Here are my additional tips that were not included in the kit:

  • Sand down the ukulele (I should have sanded my ukulele).
  • Glue the neck to the base and use binding tape or clamps to hold it together until the glue dries. Then glue the fretboard to the neck.
  • Paint the ukulele using acrylic paint (not included in the kit).
  • Cover the paint in a modge podge or clear varnish. Since you’ll touch the ukulele a lot, this will keep the paint protected.
  • Be careful when installing the bridge, I believe the saddle should be closest part to the fretboard. In this particular kit, I think the instructions show the bridge up-side-down.
  • Ukuleles need to be tuned frequently. Once the ukulele is built, download this free tuning app.

I should have read these detailed instructions and watched YouTube videos BEFORE getting started. But I was still able to figure it out and I made a ukulele! Then I spent the weekend learning a few (very basic) songs. I can’t wait to play songs for my son.

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